Development of Last Few Days

Last few days, I am examined with my UCHOME, UCenter Home, a SNS software which developed by Comsenz. I need to explore it, develop something on it, to give benefits to the my website user. And this few weeks I discovered that I lovin with blogging. I have opened so many blogs. Headache now…

When I had my dinner, suddenly, such one thing light up my brain. For SNS, a Web 3.0 world, a user is important more ever than before. We give the services to the user with take them in front of the user. If a way to communicate the user, where the user go what the user do in the internet world, that can viewed and noted.

So, I have developed a system to communicate between UCHOME and Blogspot. For a UCHOME user in my website, they can post a blog on their blogspot, and immediately send a feed to the UCHOME. Then the other people on the UCHOME they can view the feed that show what the blogger post. They can link to the blogger’s blog to read as well. For a blogger, it helps to attract more people to come. And they provide a road to their friends who are concerned with him, to help them to know what the condition of the blogger during the times…

And after five days, I also developed a system for Pixnet, a Taiwan-developed blog sites, it seem many Chinese go to open blog. I also do the same way for this system, and now find a person to support me. But more people using Blogspot.

And now I have interest to build up a blogger groups in my website, I want to group them, communicate them together.

Unfortunately, there are also some difficult things need the solution. For example the method to get the data via the flash, with the javascript from Blogspot to UCHOME. If using the PHP is better but I think it will gather more CPU usage. So I think if can use flash just use flash.

Last, I have seen the Adobe CS4 come out. I saw it, very huge and powerful, the 3D supported features inside the flash, and do the simple 3D flip and rotation, and also the 3D brush inside the Photoshop. So I think I need to find a day to download it.

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Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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