First HTML class

Today, the Friday morning, 8.00 a.m., I attended my first HTML class in INTI. It is quite excited when come to study HTML, a markup language to design web page.

First of all, my lecturer, called Miss Leow, she is a Chinese teacher.

In this class, she taught us the simple thing of HTML, HyperText Markup Language, from the simple HTML open and close tag, then taught us head and body of the web page. She taught us some simple text formatting knowledge and simple symbol. Some symbol I haven’t see it before. Here I do some revision for the symbol.

Symbol code It will show:
© ©
® ®
× ×
÷ ÷

And also she taught us the superscript and subscript then I use this write a chemical symbol.


After that, she taught me the marquee and also give us a home work to find that what else the properties can put inside of the marquee to determine its direction, behaviour, and etc.

These are stuffs that learnt by today.

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