Fourth Business Class

Today, at first, Alex will asked us about last class studies. But today he made a wrong, that he asked another chapters… So we all confused…

Today that he talking about is Business Organisation. Organisation is defined as a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose.

There are some different kinds of business, for example, sole traders, partnerships, private limited company, public limited company and public corporations.

Sole trader is involving one person, while partnerships can involve more than one person. Private limited company specially has the share. Public limited company is the updated version of private. Public corporation is the business run by government.

Yet, there are different features, advantages and disadvantages beyond kinds of business. We only can see what we need, what we prefer to choose what kind of business to run on.

Somehow, I have partnerships with my two other friends, we doing web hosting which started at September 2008. And now we already own a server ourselves.

Lastly, today I am very tired, tired from yesterday till today, very tired, don’t know why, I only prefer to sleep rather than playing computer.

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