Moral Class of normative statements

Today I participated in Moral class and I saw four old friends of last semester. We grouped together to do the assignment and project. At the beginning of this time I will feel more secure.

Today we learnt about the normative statements and descriptive statements. Normative statements can be said as a value judgement. Normative statements can divided into deontic and aretaic judgement. Deontic judgement is more on certain action or behaviour taken by a person. For example, a people should not buy or sell shares with intention of gambling. While aretaic judgement is not concern with behaviour, it more keen on motives of one person. For example, a smart investor will not gamble in buy or sell shares. Deontic judgement has a mean of "advised", the people is advised that not to gamble. Although buy or sell shares is not offended by gods, but with the intention of gambling already morally bad.

The lecturer also taught us that some conflicts on how to rise it. There are many conflicts between races or organization and how it rise? Maybe it rises from a small problems. For example, there are two girls are good friends. One day, a girl’s pen is missing. She suspected the other girl steal her pen. After that, they begin arguing till fighting. Maybe one of the girls talk to her boyfriend about this. Her boyfriend then find his gangs, to bully that girl, or maybe that girl also talk to her boyfriend… And you will see two groups of people are fighting. And maybe later some people are from KL, some people are from JB, they fight include Malay and Chinese, then you will see there is a quarrel between Malay and Chinese, Islam with Christians. So, lastly, why the conflicts raised? From a small problem, will let people hate on each other long times. We only can say that they are free from moral values.

I have more things to learn yet.

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