The end of Sun Certification Training

Actually Sunday is the end of Sun Certification Training, meant that the end of the chapter, today still got revision with my lecturer. Just now I doing the Test he given me, 120++ questions taken about 90 minutes to complete. And I saw that my performance is quite good today.

Today, my that training lecturer, Mohan, talked me last week that I today supposed to find our FOCIT head of department, Goh Poh Kim, asked him about Sun Certification Exam about buy the exam voucher stuff, but he talked me I supposed to do own.

Some I now come back and I will go to Mohan’s house later, to discuss and ask him how the procedure.

And just now when I came back to hostel, I first searching through the Google, and finally I searching to Google Map. I decided to find the location of the Menara Citybank, that Sun Microsystem located. I think I will go tomorrow to buy the exam voucher if possible. Then, I may be will contact one company in Seremban, to schedule the time and venue of the exam, and may be next week I need go Seremban to take the exam.

According to Vincent Tan, President of Centior, he taught me how to get to the Menara Citybank. First, I need to take the KTM to KL Central. Then I take the transit of Rapid KL to get to Ampang Park Station. When I arrived at there, then when I come out, the Menara Citybank will be at front of me, very nearby.

And I hope my partners specially Wuliaoren, or Wuming can go with me. However, I will discuss with Mohan see how going on.

OK, see you all soon.

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