Study Business Test and Read some UCenter

Next day 4pm to 6pm we got Business Test 2. The topic covered all aspect of marketing, production, accounting & finance, and Human Resource Management. Whole topics covered something like magic, so much to know, but actually it is very simple, if you know the key.

So I study and study, study till 9pm. In between the time I had slept. Actually I had decided to wash clothes at 4pm, but I not. While I had set the alarm on my handphone but I not take it seriously. I just continued to sleep and sleep.

So until one hours ago, I feel very boring by continuing study the Business, so I proceed to learn something about UCenter.

I want to investigate what beauty behind UCenter, how it works, how it fulfill the SSO (Single Sign On) mechanisms. I learnt from some articles online I knew that a little bit knowledge about UCenter. Suddenly, I also seen one called Loong SSO, it proposed other mechanisms to fulfill SSO, it utilized C to install that program in Linux server. The specialty of that is that provide high speed caching system, because using C. But if not install that particular thing, the techniques that fulfilled in UCenter is enough. However, in theoretically, in comparison between these two, UCenter will has lower efficiency since when your application is up more over than 10, you will experienced low speed when you try to login one of the applications. It is because in the realization of UCenter, when you try to login, it will use something seem like AJAX, but called it AJAJ more suitable, use for each to iterate all applications and sent the login request and P3P to fulfill single sign on.

Yes, since I haven’t very understand the actually mechanisms behind that, but maybe got a very little knowledge about that.

Since that is a plan for us to explore the new UCenter-liked mechanisms to achieve a high SNS world. How to do that? Currently in this situation UCenter which acts liked a Window system can install as many as possible of software, or called application, like forum, ecshop, uchome and such kind of thing. However somehow the current mechanism only support one UCHOME, that meant one SNS platform which utilized the UCenter. How about if we combine the different organization, different forum, ecshop, specialized in uchome, but not strongly affected them, to link them to our new UCenter mechanisms, for example, we called, XCenter. In XCenter, the application may can be the common one, for example, forum, ecshop, and also the UCHOME, and also one thing, UCenter. Every UCenter can link to our XCenter. But I want to say, if the UCenter login mechanism continued using in the XCenter, yes, it is very possible the efficiency and the speed will lost. So, actually I still be in thinking how to solve this problem. I had doubt that why all login cookies domain must be achieved in order to fulfill single sign on. Is it any other possible road to achieve, but not strongly affected them and not affected the efficiency of the system? How about using Unified Cookie Domain secques to fulfill it. That meant that any member related is only in XCenter. Besides achieve that, one thing must be known that, the database server will be suffered. How about the way of using C to achieve high quality of caching. But how instead of using C we can also achieve high quality of caching? How to solve this problem? It seem that not keeping speaking to the air here but not going to solve that problem. But however it giving the thinking road how to leak into the problem and find the solution. Anything is under brainstorming.

Besides learning UCenter, I also experienced that I need to learn more about RESTful style, how about the POST,GET,DELETE,PUT. The more popular open API such as Google API and Yahoo API is the most standard conformance RESTful style. I want to know about is it UCenter is a kind of RESTful style? I have doubted because I seen its code definition is nearly same… Sure, I need to make a deeper understanding to solve my doubt.

Last paragraph talked about my current study. Since this week I think is the last week for this semester for us to rush our projects. Since this week I got three presentation, and then need t submit three projects or group assignments. So it is very stressful but after that it will be some time not very stress. I meant that because later will be the final exam, we only wait for final exam, and after that that is the time I go back to our hometown.

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