No Class At All

Seem, our classes are almost ended. For HCI class, the class is ended for lab and theory class. Meant that we don’t need to attend the HCI class anymore but wait for the presentation and the final exam. The other class that also ended is UCD class, also less for presentation.

Some other class like Moral lesson, still got class, our group also got presentation on Thursday. However the Business class got one test and classes also.

One month is going on, and the final exam is coming soon. Meant that the semester is going to ending and the holiday will come soon. The day we all waiting for so long time, that is we very hope, the day, the people.

Now, the job for us is rushing for the project. I have not very confident right now for my HCI project since our progress is quite slow and not professional. How I say that because we don’t have good management in project.

Heard from my parent in hometown, they just received the Sun Certification card and certificate from the Sun. Wow, it is so exciting. I think I can’t wait to go back to my hometown to get the Sun Cert. But due to my project still got many and many things need to do, so no way I only can go back next week. But maybe next week when I go back I can attend one girl birthday lol. Because several days ago, she asked if I can come back, because she will also will come back to Foon Yew High School la. But last time I talked her due to the steps for the final exam is coming so I may be can’t attend. But… anything see soon. I don’t know whether I will go or not. But more important thing is I can complete my target is better.

Actually I have a big hope, but not a very big hope, I meant a strange hope, hope that it can achieved. That is I hoped that I can completed my Sun Certified Developer Exam in my Year 2. Haha, it seem impossible. But last day I saw a phrases, talked that:

We should not wait for the chance, but create the chances ourselves.

Chance is created by ourselves. Meant that you want success or not, achieve or not, that is not waiting time to time you can get it. The only thing you need to remember is, anything we can create ourselves. You want to be president, that is can, that may be a route, you need to find it. But although it is sorrowful, sometimes it can be very happy if you find the way you like.

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