Pendrive Lost Story

It is amazing.

Wednesday I went to Seremban KTM to buy train ticket, the time after I passed the SCJP exam. Maybe I am rushing for the train, the train is ready to go. So, my pendrive is dropped.

Thursday, my previous semester lecturer called me, she told me that someone find my pendrive in Seremban KTM. It is amazing I could not believe it, but it is true, when I am going to find my that lecturer to get the phone number of that person.

It is Malay people, named Khairul. I phoned him, and he told me that he found my pendrive in Seremban KTM. I felt sorry for me because he had gone through what inside my pendrive to surf for my contact information, but I very thanks for him for find my pendrive and keep it.

Friday afternoon, he decided to take the pendrive for me but the time not allowed for him to get to me, because the bus to JB is soon.

So, we only wait for next monday, that is yesterday. When I came back from JB to Seremban KTM, I met him at Petronas opposite with Seremban Bus station.

He drives with his car, and his wife, and his children. I walked to his car, and he give me back my pendrive, and we shaked hand. Wow, it is so amazing. We became friends already. Since he is not working at that day, maybe driving with his families to somewhere. I am very thanks to him, because he is a good person.

OK, my pendrive come back to me already.

Why my pendrive is so important, a small story about it, it is a 2GB pendrive.This pendrive is a gift sent by my internet friend, a girl, so it is more precious. Wow, it is not girl friend… It is because something something, so she sent me as a gift. Because it is the first gift sent by internet friend, so it is precious.

OK, this is my stories about pendrive lost.

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