Too Noisy

Wow, today I am so noisy, too noisy, very noisy, or what else?

Today, heard from my friend, he talked me what beauty behind of affiliate marketing, I am so attracted to this one, but actually I not very interested in when he decided to share his cooperation with me. He wants me to do the website and he do the copy writing part.

Affiliate marketing is somehow we write our posts, maybe in content website, or blog website, then after that we put a link, that can navigate to the seller website. When the user click on the link and really buy that thing on seller website, then the webmaster can get commission. Seen from the forum, some of the experienced full time affiliate marketer do this work is able to earn online revenue from here. And one month can up to $35,000. This is USA dollar! It is so exciting. But the more important I still doing in homework in degree studies. But this is nonsense why student can do a real business. Yes, allright. Then I also talked to him what about the idea of Facebook marketing. Actually we can use Facebook marketing to promote our product to millions user worldwide. As we know using Facebook, our products can spread out via mouth to mouth, where very fast speed to reach someone’s mind on another part of earth. It is very amazing of it. Can you believe it?

MSN is a tool to communicate with friends, link with friends. And today I begin for my long and lousy conversation with my friends, and later successfully forced my friends to shut down the chat window. Actually this is an experiment done by me, I need to do a research on how patient a person can do. For patient, actually I not a very patient person. But sometimes I can sometimes I can not. This is not a story, because I am not excellent. Somehow this is true for someone.

SNS, social networking services is the thing that most spoken since from 2008. 2008 is the year of big development of SNS, the start point. As a student, as a webmaster, I pointed out that SNS is a new era for us to surf, to get something gold from there. This is a new thing. Many people still can not find that something useful. This is like many years before, when the year the Internet is not so popular. China Ma Yun need to explain many times to many organization to introduce what is the Internet, and how we do business through the Internet to meets the user worldwide. But now, the Internet is very common, we already reach a bottleneck. Next one thing on how to meet or reach more clients clearly and accurately, we need some new platform, so SNS is a new platform. We can use various social relationship tool to promote our product to accurate user around the world. Through this, we can earn a big business if do well. However, I not very good in explain this new thing to my friends, so many of my friends still confusing on that. But I think if we can we must do SNS earlier before other people stepped out.

Now, there is a plan in my brain. The plan is how to become a handsome guy. First, need eat more. This is the better step and need to be realized as soon as possible. Friend is important, someone can not live without friends. Yes, it is true.

Too noisy of my room.

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Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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