Some story yesterday and today

Yesterday, o …. o…  (Remember? A English song named Yesterday…. haha) Yes, all right, yesterday, that is my Moral Final Exam. The questions came out is not in my perception. There are 40 multiple choice questions, all about theory questions. I could answered some, but more I can not answered, it is too hard for me. But I had tried my best to complete it. Later I went through the subjective question. I have had to write many and many paragraphs to complete the answer. Last question is asked about the computer information security, I had pointed out the policy privacy about the Social Networking Service nowadays.

In the exam hall, at first, I sat wrong seat. While we have two sessions, P and Q, I am P session. After I entered to the exam hall, I saw each rows got Plate A, B, C, D, to W, I sat in front of Plate P. Then after that the examiner came and saw me sat wrong place and take me to the right place. I don’t know if anyone saw me… hahaha… Anyway, I need to think again for the questions because after I changed the seat, beside I forgot what I think, and also…

In the afternoon, I read some articles about Quran, in Chinese translated version. After I read it, I approach to understand Quran, I think most of that is the right thing. It proposed the Science and prove it right. Yes, it is very hard for Mohammad to prove the Scientific experiment at that time, because while he is not fluent in writing, and no education, how to write Quran like that? Probably that the Allah is the one who sent the angels to help the Mohammad to write the Quran. Yes, I am interested with that. I also discovered some of the Quran story is similar to Bibles. I think I will also approached to Bibles later day, to study what about the different religions and its moral issues. As last, I had known something what about different religions in the world. In my opinion, actually Islam, Christian, Jews, the concept of one God, the God is the same among them. However while it is different kinds of Gods and different kinds of religions theories because it must suited to different places and different cultures. Other than that for example, Taoism and Hinduism, the concept of many Gods, while actually it is one God, but may be they need another God to help them solve the specific problem, that different God existed. While among the top religion is that the concept of one God. Somehow different religion will have different meaning, different explanation, again, due to suit to different places and different cultures. Later that, I discussed this with my friend Alvis and Wuliaoren.

At night, that is a raining day, it is cold, so I haven’t go out to eat, only one people eat the biscuits in the room. I surf around the Internet. For that day, besides read some articles about religion, I also read something about Cloud Computing, to know something about it. However for now I had only little knowledge about Cloud Computing, surely I will continue approached to know more about that.

Next, after 12.00a.m., around 3.00a.m., I and Alvis heard the car sirens sound downstairs. It sounded for a long time, many people went to see. Then we saw some Hindu people go there. I msn with Alvis (he just live next my room, my neighbour, but we use MSN), he talked me that is one way to stop the siren, that try to open the door, but it is illegal. For a longer time, the siren is stopped, I don’t know if the Hindu people had opened the door successfully. But before the siren stopped, there was one thing let me laughed and laughed, non-stop laughed. The story is about I msn with Alvis talked him that I can not stand for the siren, I want to go downstair to have some presentation and told him to see downstair from the window to see me present… Then after that I put Away on my MSN. Then after that it is very laughing when I saw the Alvis talked something like “wow, hao truly go downstair, (send nudge), oioioi”, Then I waited for some seconds, but I began laughed…. Hahahhaa… But after I laughed, the siren stopped.

Besides the siren story, I am worked about the imgshow forum plugin, I want to added more effect or functionality to the existing plugin. Alvis sent me a Flash Gallery script, which he used that in his project, I combined it into my plugin. It is very challenging when I need to link the XML file to have php functionality and also use the special way to share the data to the center control to the XML file, how to solve it? I worked around one hours more to solve it, after that, I used the Session concept to share the data. I will thanked for PHP author because he made PHP easier to manipulate the Session management.

And before that, yesterday eight PM I went again to Mohan lecturer home to get the printed version of Study guide to the Sun Certified Web Component Developer. If it is possible for me to study two to three months about that and I will take the Developer Exam next semester. This version of developer exam involves the knowledge about JSP and Servlets. In J2EE there are three version of developer exam, besides Sun Certified Web Component Developer, other that is Business Component (EJB), Web Services (XMLRPC, JMS), and other developer exam involves standard version (J2SE) and mobile version (J2ME). And last there is one exam that not perquisites for the SCJP or developer, everyone can take the exam, that is called Sun Certified Enterprise Architect. Actually it is involves all knowledge about the J2EE. But it is encouraged that one should at least that one of the THREE J2EE Developer exam, because there are related. For me, maybe this time I will take the SCWCD first, and maybe after graduation, I will walk through the highest one, SCEA, while I am working.

OK, that is all for my blog writing, I will continued to contribute my writing at here, thanks you all to read my blogs. Hope that it will be some useful thing for you in my blog.

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