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My Chat room suddenly cannot reply any posts, so I reply at here.

Regarding Your question

Halo..i at saw ur name in an older post…about tarc question u asked…now u are inti student isit?(coz always at ur post wrote inti inti hahaha…} Not Bm failed cant get ptpt ? But u success to get it? how you to this ? @@ i also failed = =” teach me ^^

There is my reply:

Sorry, many days no come my blog. Regarding your questions, yes, I now is studying in INTI. And my BM have no credit but not failed, I got 7D. And I use UEC and SPM together to submit the documentation. I need to do a lot of thing, you can see my previous blog there got a lot my experience. The experience is tough for me to get the PTPTN. You can see my story about this.

But you say, you failed to get this, what is your situation? Are you student in Tarc or INTI? What your result about BM? And do you really complete all the requirement they need? Because I knew that they need a lot of requirement and you better need to complete it better and perhaps the best. I only can do this, because need to reduce my family burden. I heard that nowadays the PTPTN law already not very heavy, not easy to apply?

This is my MSN:, you sure got any problem you can ask me. But I don’t think I can help you with the full answer… But some experience I can share with you ,the tough experience.

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