10 July Graduation Day in INTI (not me)

Yesterday, 10 July, it is the graduation ceremony held in INTI. Many guys and miss dress up very handsome and beautiful like one in Friendster.

Today is the important day for them. For me, I still have 1 and more years to go.

For me, I still be normal person, going classroom through the student hall, but flooded with many cars and many persons. I saw some British or USA people came to the graduation ceremony. Maybe they are staff or management of UK or USA university which linked with INTI courses.

After that, I am thinking about my future graduation ceremony about what should it be along the way back to my hostel room. HEHE, hope I can get the first class honor degree + Sun Certified Enterprise Architect together. But it is a dream only. What I confuse is after graduate, where should I go? Singapore? What type of company? Big or SME company? What I looking for? Is it do something about Sun stuff or Microsoft Stuff? What is the value of I getting Sun Certified or I getting Microsoft Certified as well? This is the problem. But maybe it is true that at the graduation ceremony I would be more handsome than now.

Today also the first time I scolded in INTI. I always take it in mind. But today I cannot do it again. How can my roommate but allowing three friends stay in our room? And they play the music around the laptops, talking, and annoy me for taking the homework. So I talk them, scold them, mad to them. I told them immediately go out. I asked them why they don’t know see the situation? They are not polite. Their ages less 2 years than me. They are small. But after that I lost the communications with my roommate when he come back individually. What his friend talk him? Is it he believe it is wrong of me or wrong of his friends? I don’t know. I only see that he shut down the door with big strength. But think again, who wrong more? I am wrong because I scold his friend. His friend wrong because they not polite.

OK, last paragraph use Chinese to complete.


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