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Just came back to INTI and I will open school next monday, the next two days. In this semester, it is my begin of third year, and I will have to do the final year project (double module), in order to achieve the honour degree. Next week I think will be busy because need to find lecturer to discuss some ideas. I have a lot of broken ideas, I am unclear what topic to do, so only find lecturer to talk all of my ideas to connect one topic out.

Since holiday, I learnt the Google Appengine and also learnt Business component (EJB), I know the basic servlet and JPA to do the Appengine application. I am learnt using that to develop basic Facebook App. I think if possible develop Facebook App using Java or PHP (my own hosting), to be one of the options.

One year ago, I also think that I can develop a new social networking service. Having a new style, new shape, of the SNS website. Since I learnt the Facebook, Twitter, Google Wave, Plurk; there are different SNS websites with different styles, different specialty, and now to be successful. I think that is it possible to research a new style of SNS that will more suitable to the user. I also think that, from year ago, Web 1.0 emerging into Web 2.0, CMS to SNS, my question is, what is the next step? SNS to WHAT???

After I learnt AI, I also got one ideas, that develop one independent, pluggable components that having mechanisms to translate the user’s mind request, and return the response that the user really want. The result returned by the components is a specific or maybe only one, not like Google give you a lot of options. And this component can be reused by different kinds of website. However, after some months, I found that and some other service already have some development of this kind stuff. of China has one development called Box Computing, heard that it is to be fight with Google Cloud Computing.

I have one friend who working in JB company told me that having one thing that his company is going to develop or research, a distributed commerce using Java. Previously I learnt EJB, but he told me most of the company is not using EJB but using Spring and other lightweight component and using their own custom framework to develop their products. And they want start to change their framework into cluster, he said. He asked me how the Facebook, Google handle the distributed component. Even PHP can use Hadoop like Facebook, when handle distributed photos. What my previous knowledge on distributed components is on EJB, Appengine (Cloud computing), Amazon Web Service. Maybe one of the title is, refine and research a new and better distributed architecture design that can cope the existing problem. Or examine is it CAT is true, this theory said only two of three (CAT) can achieve during development of distributed components.

To be continued….

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