The Internet of Things (物联网)

In computing, the term Internet of Things (also known as the Internet of Objects) refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects. It is generally viewed as a self-configuring wireless network of sensors whose purpose would be to interconnect all things. The concept is attributed to the original Auto-ID Center, founded in 1999 and based at the time in MIT.
The idea is as simple as its application is difficult. If all cans, books, shoes or parts of cars are equipped with minuscule identifying devices, daily life on our planet will undergo a transformation. Things like running out of stock or wasted products will no longer exist as we will know exactly what is being consumed on the other side of the globe. Theft will be a thing of the past as we will know where a product is at all times. The same applies to parcels lost in the post.

物联网(The Internet of things)的定义是:通过射频识别(RFID)、红外感应器、全球定位系统、激光扫描器等信息传感设备,按约定的协议,把任何物品与互联网连接起来,进行信息交换和通讯,以实现智能化识别、定位、跟踪、监控和管理的一种网络。物联网的概念是在1999年提出的。

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