Achieving First Class Honour

I had completed my Coventry Computer Science Degree program and achieving first class honour degree. But at the same time, I am not completed MQA requirement for two MPW subjects and will be ended in the coming end of November.

First class honour for me means a lot of thing. First, it certifies my knowledge and the spirit that I possess, take seriously for whatever jobs passed to me; Second, it means that based on what Najib said, free PTPTN loan converted if student achieving First class after 2010. First class honour still a surprise to me, but not a big suprise, because I believe my capability to achieve this. Everything is not stated to happen, it depends on what you do in the next seconds.

The important thing for me to achieve this has one: I need to apply free PTPTN of First Class Honour Degree after I completed my study successfully, in order to reduce family burden, since I still have two sisters, one just entered into National University of Singapre and another one will enter Foon Yew High School next year.

To achieve this, I need to thank many persons include my fellow lecturers and supervisors who give me good base knowledge and skills and encouraging me to face any problems that flowed to me. At the same time, I have big thanks to my fellow friends who giving me big supports at my back to encourage me to continuelly making impossible into possible. And now I thought and certifed one thing: nothing is impossible. And last, this is stated in Qingxin Spirit (清心精神), which I had possessed throughout my youths to adults. I am very thanks for my famly to have back-end support and financial support throughout my study.

This is not the end, however, the highest today is the lowest tomorrow, I will continue to make it better and better.

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