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At my last post, Search Music By Notations, I stated that I would like to find a way to enable user to search music based on notations or rhythms. The reasons I do this is because sometimes the user may remember the music’s notations and rhythms but forgot its music’s name or music’s author, therefore I had came for this idea.

Recently, I found an organization that really realized this idea, that is It is an open music encyclopedia with lots of contributor had involved in this project. They provides searchable, editable database. That means they provides several methods for community to contribute their music’s notation and its information that will be stored in their database. For example, the user can enter music’s notation by input from Flash based piano, Javascript based piano, by computer keyboard, piano keyboard or microphone. The system will does automatically the complex matching at the background and return the results to user, with the music ‘s information and equivalent music mp3 link & youtube video. It does show Amazon Buy MP3 Link.

It uses Lilypond (by Hanwen) to engrave the music notes. It is devoted to producing the highest quality sheet music possible. It is free software and part of the GNU Project. At the time of writing the latest version is 2.14 which released at Dec 14, 2010. It you are interested on how they doing this, please read this Lilypond online documentation with me. The author is trying to provide get in-depth knowledge of music engraving techniques and how Lilypond provides a higher quality of music sheet prints results other than traditional lousy way. It is worth to study this.

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