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I have just graduated from my universities, and start finding some companies and interviewing. I now back in Johor Bahru, my hometown. I would like to set a holiday for me for whole December before going to work. By using this holiday, I would like to train my skills in various area, such as English, technical knowledge as well. At the same time, in managing 清心国度社区 to make it better attractive since now I having more time than before. I have also thought that to open a new site for technical discussion, focused on programming societies, to surf talents in this area.

Back to job finding, I would like to find some jobs that suited for my skills, such as Java or PHP or both. The job requirement should be able to up my skills, and I am willing to contribute my programming experience and knowledge for the company to gain more profits or build more reputable products.

Recently, I have just saw Scala in-depth, which is a newer, powerful programming language, that combined object-oriented programming and functional programming in a whole. Someone said that Scala maybe the replacement of Java in future. Scala is a static, strong-typed programming language that runs on JVM platform, and its syntax have been made as different from Java, it absorbed many new concepts in the design of the program syntax, and it is able to make programmer’s life easier. Scala is designed to be able to run program in multi-core environment. To write a effective program that running on traditional system (single core) is easier that what we doing now, but to make effective program in multi-core environment, we should rethink the design in another way. However, to make company to change their current Java project into Scala is not possible, there are many things need to consider, replan and so on. Added that someone also said that programmer should try learn new programming language every new year. Therefore, it is recommended that no matter how Scala can change the future or not, just try to learn Scala, learn its new concepts, learn the powerful functional programming concepts, it may help you to up your current skills.

Last word, I am now searching jobs and any appropriate jobs can email me on fyhao1[at]

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Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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