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This posts touched anything happened in Java world recently. It involves some flash news, or some added discussions.

Twitter move from Ruby-on-rails to Java

Heard Twitter had recently changed their back end structure, by changing into Java server called Blender, and changing MYSQL database into real time search database called Lucene, and as a result Twitter search is 3 times faster than former. Ruby is still a good programming language for faster development for small and medium web application, however, traditional Java still bring benefits for larger web applications for its well-structured, higher scalability.

James Gosling Joined Google

Father of Java, James Gosling, recently left from Oracle, formerly Sun Microsystems, and joined Google in 28 May 2011.

Most people from industry thought the action of Oracle taken over Sun Microsystems is not clever, although they had succeeded for the process of taken over, but they lost some leaders from open source world, such as James Gosling (Father of Java), Tim Bray and Simon Phipps (Father of XML). They thought that the objective of Oracle taken over Sun Microsystems is to sue Google which violates Oracle’s Java patent, Google Android Dalvik VM. No doubt, Java is very important to Google, added Father of Java had joined Google, not only he can extend Java features and contribute his talents, but also helps Google to fight with Oracle on the Java patent war. Added James’s joining to Google will be also benefiting the continually opening of Java.

Java be the First on Tiobe Rank

Java is still be the first on Tiobe Rank for 10 years. C, always be the second popular than Java. People believed in long term, maybe the only programming language can fight with Java, what do you think? I am so opening and I loved C# also, same as how I love Java. People compared over Java, where had built in modern and advanced language features such as Lambda, or we said functional programming (although Java introduced Lambda on Java 7, but still cumbersome if compared with, maybe try Scala if you intend to.)

OK, why, Java always be the first? 8 reasons.

  1. It is free.
  2. It is cross-platform.
  3. It got strong supports from academic field.
  4. It is simpler language compared with C++, and C.
  5. Mature enterprise platform.
  6. Wireless mobile application.
  7. Java Community Process (JCP), an open organization for exchange information and comments for Java.
  8. Supports from open source organization and non-profit organization.

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