Second Life English Story Writing Class

Today we had Second Life English Story Writing class. The rule is, the teacher will start with two sentences, and say NEXT, and the next person will do the same, and NEXT, and then the following person will continue the story. We are able to change the story as we want, by our own creative.

The persons include Alianaluz Rivera, the teacher; fyhao Feden (me), oo Broono, Ai12in Resident, soso Darkwatch, Shaddow Haven. OO Broono and me are the only two guys in today class.

Here is our class chat list:

[08:12] Alianaluz Rivera: One fine summer morning, I decided to go for a walk in the park.
[08:14] Alianaluz Rivera: I took a book with me, intending to sit a while and read, when I got there.
[08:14] Alianaluz Rivera: NEXT
[08:16] oo Broono: I saw a girl went to me. and she sit wite me .I saw she just look a book like me.NEXT
[08:18] fyhao Feden: She has a long hair with brown colour, and she looks beautiful when she smiles.
[08:18] Alianaluz Rivera: *I saw a girl come to me [or “approach me] and she sat next to me. I saw that she also had a book.
[08:18] fyhao Feden: She saw me see her, and said: “Hi, how are you, any questions?”
[08:18] fyhao Feden: NEXT
[08:19] Alianaluz Rivera: *She had long brown hair and she looked beautiful when she smiled.
[08:20] soso Darkwatch: I hardly spoke just stood and thought in my head that I should say something.
[08:20] Alianaluz Rivera: *She saw me looking at her and she said: “Hi how are you? May I help you?”
[08:21] soso Darkwatch: Then I gathered my self and said, ” Em do mind me sitting here?”.
[08:21] soso Darkwatch: Next
[08:21] Alianaluz Rivera: *…I hasrdly spoke, I just thought to myself that I should say something.
[08:22] Alianaluz Rivera: *…Um, do you mind me sitting here?”
[08:22] Alianaluz Rivera: *hardly
[08:23] Ai12in Resident: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*YESSSSSS!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
[08:23] Ai12in Resident: She reply me, sure. I sItting there with heart beat fast.
[08:24] Ai12in Resident: I admire her long time ago. She begin to make conversation to me.
[08:24] Ai12in Resident: NEXT
[08:25] Alianaluz Rivera: *She replied to me [or “she responded”], “Sure. I was sitting there with my heart beating fast.
[08:25] Alianaluz Rivera: *I admired her for a long time. Then she began to make a conversation with me [or “to talk to me].
[08:26] Shaddow Haven: We talked for some time then noticed the day was half gone.
[08:26] Shaddow Haven: I invited her to dinner and she said “yes”.
[08:26] Shaddow Haven: NEXT
[08:28] Alianaluz Rivera: *…then I noticed the day was…
[08:28] Alianaluz Rivera: *”Yes.”
[08:31] Alianaluz Rivera: As I stood up and motioned for her to follow me, I said, “There’s a nice restaurant on the other side of the park. Let’s go there.”
[08:32] Alianaluz Rivera: She nodded her approval and we walked across the park, crossed the street, and went into the restauraunt.
[08:32] Alianaluz Rivera: NEXT
[08:34] oo Broono: I tought maybe I need ask what she I asked” what you dislik to eat?” and she answered “beef”.NEXT.
[08:35] Ai12in Resident: awww good thought
[08:35] Ai12in Resident: ღ❤  L✿✿✿L  ❤ღ
[08:35] Ai12in Resident: ^_^   ★
[08:35] soso Darkwatch: 🙂
[08:35] Alianaluz Rivera: hahah
[08:37] fyhao Feden: Few minutes later, she went to washroom, but she had left her iPhone on the table.
[08:37] Alianaluz Rivera: *I thought that maybe I should ask her what she disliked, so I asked her, “What don’t you like to eat?” And she answered “beef.”
[08:37] fyhao Feden: NEXT
[08:38] Alianaluz Rivera: *A few minutes later she went to the restroom. But she had left her iPhone on the table.
[08:38] Ai12in Resident: probably she had bad allergic, sneezing after ate it
[08:38] Ai12in Resident: ღ❤  L✿✿✿L  ❤ღ
[08:38] Ai12in Resident: ^_^   ★
[08:39] soso Darkwatch: The devil on me was laughing evilly, “Finally iphone ! .”
[08:39] soso Darkwatch: Next
[08:41] Alianaluz Rivera: hahaha
[08:41] Ai12in Resident: I’m curious with her then I open her iphone. I was shocked, when i read so many threaten word inside.
[08:41] Ai12in Resident: NEXT
[08:41] Alianaluz Rivera: *The devil in me was laughing evily, “Finally, an iPhone!”
[08:41] Ai12in Resident: *words
[08:42] Alianaluz Rivera: *I was curious about her, so I opened her iPhine. I was shocked when I read so many threatening words inside.
[08:43] Shaddow Haven: Someone had been sending her very nasty messages.
[08:43] Shaddow Haven: I seen her coming from the restroom and quickly put her phone back where she had left it.
[08:43] Shaddow Haven: NEXT
[08:44] Alianaluz Rivera: *restaurant
[08:44] Alianaluz Rivera: *iPhone
[08:44] Alianaluz Rivera: *I saw her coming from…
[08:45] Alianaluz Rivera: But she must have seen me because she said, “What were you doing with my phone?”
[08:46] Shaddow Haven: please excuse me for just a moment I will be right back
[08:46] Alianaluz Rivera: [OK Shadow]
[08:46] soso Darkwatch: Hurry back. 🙂
[08:47] Alianaluz Rivera: [FYI everyone: In the United States, a public WC (WC is a term used in the UK) is referred to as a “restroom.”]
[08:49] Alianaluz Rivera: Quickly thinking up a lie, I responded, “You must have had it on vibrate because it started to move and I grabbed it, because I thought it was going to fall off the table.”
[08:49] Alianaluz Rivera: NEXT
[08:50] Ai12in Resident: ღ❤  L✿✿✿L  ❤ღ
[08:50] Ai12in Resident: ^_^   ★ nice excuse
[08:50] soso Darkwatch: LOL
[08:50] Alianaluz Rivera: ㋡
[08:51] Alianaluz Rivera: hahaha
[08:52] Alianaluz Rivera: *evilly
[08:52] oo Broono: she said “Thank you “and I asked can you gave me your number.NEXT.
[08:52] Alianaluz Rivera: *She said, “Thank you.” And I asked her for her number.
[08:53] Alianaluz Rivera: [Or “…and I asked, ‘Can you give me your number?’ or ‘Can I have your number?'”]
[08:54] fyhao Feden: She said, “I’m sorry, I don’t like to give my contacts to stranger.”
[08:54] fyhao Feden: NEXT
[08:55] Alianaluz Rivera: *…my contact information [Or “my number”]
[08:56] soso Darkwatch: I explode on her and said, ” But you eat with stranger?. How rude !.”
[08:57] Alianaluz Rivera: hahaha [Good Soso!]
[08:57] Ai12in Resident: ღ❤  L✿✿✿L  ❤ღ
[08:57] Ai12in Resident: ^_^   ★
[08:57] fyhao Feden: (hahaha, angry?)
[08:58] soso Darkwatch: She apologies and said that she don’t have money at the moment and next time she plan to go with stranger she will pay. So I said angry, ” Yeah next time is another story. Now gave me that iphone.”
[08:58] soso Darkwatch: Next
[08:58] Alianaluz Rivera: *I shouted at her, “But you eat with a stranger? How rude!”
[08:58] Alianaluz Rivera: HAHAHAHA
[08:59] fyhao Feden: (… interesting…)
[09:00] Alianaluz Rivera: *She apologized and said that she didn’t have money at that moment but that the next time she planned to go with a stranger, she would pay.
[09:00] Alianaluz Rivera: *So I said angrily,
[09:00] Alianaluz Rivera: *Now give me that iPhone!
[09:01] Ai12in Resident: Hey, “I already apologies to you”. I didn’t mean to offended you.
[09:01] Alianaluz Rivera: *”Hey, I already apologized to you. I didn’t mean to offend you.”
[09:02] Ai12in Resident: Otherwise, instead you are so insist. Without permission you taking my cell phone. NEXT
[09:04] Shaddow Haven: I told her “Ok lets start over, I am sorry I lost my cool”.
[09:05] Shaddow Haven: She said “I am sorry too, shall we start over?”
[09:05] Shaddow Haven: NEXT
[09:05] fyhao Feden: (… wow…)
[09:06] Ai12in Resident: oups bad impression they had
[09:07] Ai12in Resident: ღ❤  L✿✿✿L  ❤ღ
[09:07] Ai12in Resident: ^_^   ★
[09:07] Ai12in Resident: :O
[09:07] Alianaluz Rivera: *Ai what did you mean by “Otherwise instead you arem so insist?”
[09:08] Ai12in Resident: Instead you are so insist to grab my phone
[09:08] Ai12in Resident: i mean
[09:08] Alianaluz Rivera: Oh, OK, thanks.
[09:08] Ai12in Resident: ☆¨*☆You’re Welcome!!!!☆*¨☆
[09:08] Ai12in Resident: sorry, bad english
[09:09] Alianaluz Rivera: *”But you’re still insisting that I give you my iPhone!” [Or “But you’re still trying to take my iPhone!”
[09:09] Alianaluz Rivera: Shaddow, please end the story for us.
[09:10] Ai12in Resident: Thank yyouuuuuuu~
[09:10] Alianaluz Rivera: You’re welcome.
[09:10] Alianaluz Rivera: ㋡
[09:11] Shaddow Haven: We made plans to get together again the next day to start over and I walked her back to the park.
[09:11] Alianaluz Rivera: ㋡
[09:11] Alianaluz Rivera: Nice ending!
[09:12] Alianaluz Rivera: That was very good!
[09:12] soso Darkwatch: I agree 🙂
[09:12] Ai12in Resident: sweet impression
[09:15] fyhao Feden: see you next week

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