14 June 2011 What I had done at night

At night of 14 June, it is still a normal day I spent. But at least I have do a little of stuffs.

First, I had updated some bugs discovered in my forum, such as flash game link. And then I reviewed the share foodspot plugin (分享美食地点) for Discuz X2. For my site I just simply disable the functions that not supported by the newer version of DiscuzX2 to avoid the occurred errors. I am still seeking a better time to renewing the DiscuzX Plugins that I had developed to suit latest version of DiscuzX2. For now, any changes for my plugins I will first deployed in my own forum OR I will request two or three friends’ site help me to test (so, if you are interested of my plugins, you can reach me at fyhao1@gmail.com). I am not ready to publish the newer fix in next two weeks again since there is a lot of things to do still and I faced time-decision problem (although I am free at night after work but I don’t know why I have lost focus… Maybe need to think another amazing stuff, I hoped I can solve soon, bless me) For Facebook Connect For DiscuzX plugin, got many emails sent to me, some from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for asking the related questions, however I have no enough time to reply and maintain the plugin development, what only I can do is recommend another version that developed by my friends to them. BUT once I solved my time problem, I may research again for this plugin that fit into DiscuzX2, and may open source again.

And then I researched akshell again to create a mobile web apps. Created another very simple mobile web apps for sharing what thoughts today. As default there is a list of items can be selected, and is able to post, and then the user can play the sound. The sound player is HTML5 supported, meant it will be only displayed if you are using “modern browser” such as Google Chrome, OR the recommended device (iPhone or Android). The user can post without logged in, but it may requires logged in in the future.

Open your browser in your mobile, type in http://isay.akshell.com, then play it in your hand.

Listen to my thoughts:

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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