21 June 2011 What I am doing

Today I have upgraded my Flash builder into version 4.5.1. By using Flash Builder 4.5.1 Flex SDK Framework, developer is able to create cross-platform mobile apps across iOS, Android, Blackberry Tablet by using same codebase, Actionscript 3. It is very exciting when you know the apps you write one time can be run everywhere, just like Java.

I am trying to create a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application and using external cloud database (akshell) as storage. These two technologies made development of native mobile apps never been so easy as before. It eliminates the needs for developer to concern about the low-level technical issue but just focus on business idea. The only left is just thinking a good idea and implement it. Awesome man, damn easy.

Flash Builder framework can access iOS camera, microphone, accelerometer, even phone’s contacts and made a call just using Flex SDK written using Actionscript 3.

Write once, run everywhere…

I am still playing this new toy. I need to surf the possibilities what we can do in this platform.

And I would like to create my first iPhone, Android apps during my learning journey in this software. This first apps must be meaningful. I decided create one by using LOVE as topic. Thinking…

Author: fyhao

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