Existence of God?

Today Second Life ELF school we had a voice class, reading a comprehension of an article, and had a discussion around this. The topic we touched today is: Doomsdayers show what’s wrong with all religion. In this post, I will briefly tell you what we had discussed in the class, and besides that I will tell you what my belief is.

In the start of the class, we are told that we are not fighting with religion, we just to understand what the author wants to express. The author said religion is scam, but not really everything is a scam. Why the author said like this? The argument is that there is some of the religious people or priest always tell lie, such as the most people concerned – immortality. Or if we doing a good deed, we can going to heaven, otherwise going to hell. But we should say, this is a happy lie. Because of this, the followers are trying to do good deed, help poor people, giving helping hands to needed people. But there is some dishonest people telling people to give them money to save them from the end of the world. After May 21st, many people realized the religious statement wrong again.

Will you listen to what priest or religous people say and do what they say?

Above is all the statements we touched for today, I think it is not enough to claim the topic, but is it the religion is a scam? We should judge ourselves rationally.

My Thought

For me, as a free thinker, I do believe the existence of God, but I do not believe any religions at all. But I had tried to study all kinds of religions, either from Internet or books, to find their similarity, understand their core principle, in order to make my own principle, own judgement, to my own understanding, what is good and what is wrong, what should do and what should not do, in my life.

Many times, I don’t know, I practice scientific thinking, only something that is proved scientifically OR I really see it or feel it then I can define what the thing is true, otherwise it is false. I judge first, but not directly listen what the people say then I follow. I even said I not believing in ghost, vampire, monster, or god long times ago, but I am still not believing it, except God.

Now, you may ask me, to prove the existence of God, but I am not going to tell you, as there is no reasons why I should judge if God is exist or not. I believe God exist, He exist; otherwise not exist. God is staying in our heart, or anywhere.

God is not a substance, is not a person that you can see, is just special form created from our heart, because we need them, we need something or “someone” to listen to you, to comport you, or pray for safety.

Before year 2009, I am nothing, after the year 2009, I started to believe the God. Maybe I had done many bad things in my life last time (hacking is one of it), therefore I regretted, to repent, I followed the God, comprehended the truth, and behave what the truth stated.

To prove if the god is exist, I even can feel it by experiences. I believe if I do good thing, I may get good returns, but if I do something bad, I sure get bad luck. No matter how, if I do good thing, I felt happy, that’s good also, that’s why I follow God, and it is also a chance for me to atone.

Now, I felt well and gained confidence when I do everything in the name of God.

I pray for safety in the name of God. The safety of my family, my lover, followed by my relatives and friends, and then last, pets, is very important and must be protected, in the name of God. Safety for them is very important. Safety is the first.

I used to “contact” the God by my heart anytime, or swear an oath in the name of God with three fingers lifted up. I will not feel bad when I connected with the God.

But I am not perfect, everyone is not perfect, sometimes I did things carelessly, not in the name of God, made a lot of mistakes. But it is common. Learnt from experiences.

Last, now, “Is God exist?” will not be a question anymore.

In the name of God, I wrote this post.

Advice: don’t believe anything I wrote above, it can be rubbish, just letting you know my thoughts and you should digest and interpret by your own way.

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Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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