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Today, fyhao gives you another Java Certification Question, see if you can answer it right. More practice before you earn a certification.


Develop code that implements all forms of loops and iterators, including the use of for, the enhanced for (for-each), do, while, labels, break, and continue; and explain the values taken by loop counter variables during and after loop execution.

2) Given:

5. public class Buddy {

6.   public static void main(String[] args) {

7.     def:

8.     for(short s = 1; s < 7; s++) {

9.       if(s == 5) break def;

10.       if(s == 2) continue;

11.       System.out.print(s + “.”);

12.     }

13.   }

14. }



What is the result?

a) 1.


b) 1.2.

c) 1.3.4. (*)




g) Compilation fails.


What will happen when you attempt to compile and run the following code?


public class Agg{

static public long i=10;

public static void main(String argv[]){



System.out.println(“no value given”);

case 1:


case 10:


case 5:






A. Compile time error

B. Output of “ten” followed by “five”

C. Output of “ten”

D. Compilation and run-time error because of location of default

Is it simple to you?

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