Notes on setup Heroku Development on Mac

Heroku is a cloud platform allows developers to deploy web applications, it provides no setup fee, there is a free limitation and it is enough for testing. It does provides us an URL subdomain to access the web application, but it also allows custom domain to be setup. Recently Facebook worked with Heroku to provide Facebook Developers easier to develop their apps through Heroku. It frees developers to worry for their server to host the apps, but let them concentrates to transform their creative idea into an interesting apps.

I had been trying to setup Heroku Development on Mac from today morning. Heroku uses Git to maintain the files uploaded to their cloud server. Heroku initially supports Ruby on Rails, but it now open to Java, PHP, Node.JS, Clojure, and many more I can’t remember here. I had been headache to setup Heroku local development, most of the time I having problem to setup Ruby and Rails on my machine, struggling with the different Ruby Version, encountered many types of errors, or on install Gem, or encountered invalid Gemfiles format…

But finally, I managed to deploy two apps to Heroku, one using PHP and the other using Java Play framework.

Here I found some info that helps on the setup of Heroku Development on Mac.

Must remember, every time create a new directory for an apps, must have a Git Repository been setup, and then commit the changes, before git push to Heroku.

Almost half days gone to research Heroku, I now managed to deploy simple apps to Heroku cloud, but it does provides many more features and add-ons (to extend Heroku feature) waiting me to explore, the add-ons include many types of cloud database (free for limitation use, and charge for production use, but some are totally free), SMS gateway, Pusher (A WebSockets Provider, to build real time application), cloud performance or management tools, and many many more.

Haha, it is worth on today hacking, although there is nothing big I achieved.

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