Replicate Imgshow Sandbox into iPhone Apps

In my journey learning developing iPhone Apps, I try to replicate Imgshow Sandbox feature into iPhone Apps.

Imgshow Sandbox is a feature to test it out the services provided by Imgshow Platform. It is a web page integrated inside Help Content of Discuz Plugin of Imgshow Platform.

The original sample of Imgshow Sandbox can be found here:
Chinese Site:
English Site:

I am going to use Titanium API to make Imgshow Sandbox on iPhone Apps. The results would like this:

In the first screen, it shows a list of Imgshow Sandbox supported Services, with a thumbnail icon, name and description of the service.

Then, clicked on ‘youtube’ service, it brings us to a new window showing the parameters.

Enter a keyword, e.g. ‘Avril I love you’, a youtube song title, then click on ‘Show’ button. It will make an API request to Imgshow Platform and redirect you to the related Youtube video. In the back end, actually it sent an Imgshow Query to the Imgshow Platform server, in the form of (q:name=youtube,k=Avril I love you). You can however preview this Imgshow Query at this website,,k=Avril I love you.

Here open the Youtube video in the iPhone embedded browser.

Back to the apps, we choose another service, such as ‘twitter’.

We enter a keyword, ‘Steve Job’, then click ‘Show’ button.

It will then open embedded browser to show the Twitter conversation box where back end it actually issued an API request to the Imgshow Platform. The example of this Imgshow query is in this form: (q:name=twitter,k=Steve Job)

This apps is just an experiment for imgshow API integration.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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