Movie The Backup Plan

Watched a movie The Backup Plan.

A 30++ old lady wants to have a child and going insemination. She met a guy. They love each other. Dispute between them when the lady didn’t trust him to be her side at the time the twins come out. Because the baby is not his own he said. But actually the guy had already prepared and even think their future need a lot of money to feed their child from young until university and working hard to achieve that. They also experienced labor of other lady and felt that it is very terrible and scared. But at the end, because they truly love each other, the lady trusts him going be her side forever, the lady going born for twins. They married. Exciting, third child will be coming out when she vomited and this is the end of the movie.

Sweet couples and cute baby. Love it.

Learn to trust someone good before you lost them.

A guy must be responsible.

Another thing, I gonna watched again to learn their English speaking to improve my own.

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