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Yeah, now I am welcoming new members, fyhao’s iPhone 5. After 21 months of my last subscribed plans I am now getting iPhone 5 for my new devices. My old iPhone 4 still with me. Now I have iPhone 4, iPad 3, and this iPhone 5, with my Mac, All apple products together. Old phone is not used but still can do development.

Thanks iCloud, the old documents and files, reminders and calendars, can be synchronized without any hassle. Browsing App Store to download my favorite apps also faster than using iPhone 4, now become laggy after installed iOS6. That’s mean iOS6 is not mainly cater iPhone 4 market anymore, since it requires dual core then run better.

I also can make phone calls again. Hope it will not going trouble again like my iPhone 4 cannot make outgoing calls, while still can receive incoming calls, SMS, which make a little trouble, while I can use Skype or Whatapps to communicate with others. That’s software or hardware error I can’t quite sure but I traced before using Xcode it showed Comm Center Error 57, which I can’t googled.

Getting my testing apps to new iPhone also easier, not making any troubles. Xcode now can just sync the provisioning profiles with a refresh button in Organizer without me to manually copy here and there. But just some UI interface is changed and ugly but still can use.

Now I am still downloading the favourite apps I needed, most probably the important one first, like news and social apps.

The characteristics of iPhone 5 I knew before already through news online. When I really see it still feel surprise. Because the USB charger is changed, the head is different as it becomes smaller, meant the charger I bought cannot reused. While the taller the body is just normal.

If not my sister wanted to buy iPhone 5 I may not getting iPhone 5 together in this moment.

That’s it.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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