Very sad this happened in my country Malaysia

Almost 3 weeks, the sad things happened again and again in my beloved country, Malaysia. Recently, the war is happened at Sabah as Sulu Terrorists from Philippine entered illegally to Sabah’s small town and several Malaysian Police been killed.

Many years we think our country is the best in the world, we have no wars, have no natural disasters, our country is very safe. But, this is not true now. Sabah is so easily let Sulu Terrorists come into it.

The information from Sabah is not fully clear, it stills hard to get the latest information from there. Based on the current information, I think Najib government is doing the best in this process, which is reasonable action, from negotiation with the Sulu, and now, banishment.

However, I don’t like to bring in political sentiment to this issue. As election is almost to come, it is very dangerous if someone try to link this issue to politic. It is very sad some of the messages on Facebook is posted by non-matured people, they don’t know the history, laws, they are not using rightly their brain to analyse the issue first before posting. They blame why government send policeman but not military to Sabah, they blame the policeman that always ask coffee money (corruption) but didn’t aware of because of them we can still safely live in our house and log into Facebook. As most of us live in West of Malaysia but our heart is linked together with the people who live in East Malaysia.

Few hours ago read from, Najib wants police to investigate if opposition party is involved in this issue because of the election. This is a very dangerous if this issue is related to our politics, or someone try to link this issue to politic. We should solve this issue quickly, let Sulu and others illegal foreigners get out from our country before to get who should be responsible for this issue. If need to judge now, the most responsible party is Najib government. But if they try to smear the opposition party by framed them involved in this issue in order to achieve their political objective, this is very dangerous and irresponsible.

As the people of Malaysia, the current government gained my respects in first place, but now it started losing my confidence as the decisions and actions made, as more and more people be sacrificed now. We even ask hoarsely, when our country can be safe again.

However, no matter happened this issue will not affect my stands in next election, we must CHANGE the government now.

I love this country, Malaysia.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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