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OpenWorm is an open source project and open science community dedicated to creating the world’s first whole organism in a computer, a C. elegans nematode, via bottom-up “systems biology” computational modeling. It is an association of highly motivated scientists and engineers who believe in Open Science and Open Access.

Read Project Background which it established on 2011. “We are building a simulation platform to prove it is possible to make good models of complex neuronal activity, starting with a digital worm. We are making the simulation platform open source because we believe anyone should be able to use it to understand how neurons and cells work.”

Project OpenWorm hosted on Github.

List of Projects by OpenWorm:

  • Neuromechanical modeling with Sibernetic
  • Geppetto Simulation Engine
  • Movement validation
  • Optimization engine
  • Data collection and representation
  • Community outreach

Who to get involved? Coder, Scientist, Writer, Artist, WebMaster, Philanthropist, or be a Curious citizen.

Watch out a video a brief introduction to OpenWorm.

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