Mashape API Interface Down?

Today I spot check my Mashape API Analytics Usage on Mashape API Platform. Check out the link here. I felt really down when I see the traffic goes down to zero. I quickly control my tears log in to my several back end servers and confirmed no issue, working perfectly. But I tried to click “Test Endpoint” on Mashape API hub for my API, it showed no responsive.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.37.00 am

I referred to Endpoint definition, found something strange. Under first box, the URL something like http://elb-proxy… this is an Amazon URL, they change to Amazon URL as a proxy. Previously is They are not testing properly… Directly change in production.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.38.55 am

And I manually run the CURL command line in my terminal, you know what happen?

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.41.50 am

It complained me to use HTTPS protocol. Eh, you changed to Amazon URL why don’t use HTTPS. I quickly test another people API, also got this problem, so, Mashape you tricks us.

Guys, please use the old API interface confirmed still working.

curl -X POST --include "" \
-H "X-Mashape-Host:" \
-H "X-Mashape-Key: Ri4j5gX4ORmshweHbjBSUUMevXWIp1i0xRujsnjCz7wW9w5zLB" \
-H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
-d "text=I am not really happy"

Alternatively, please visit my Runnable example code, also working. Link:

I had inbox Mashape Guys to look into this issue matter.

Updated: 9 August 2014 4:37pm SGT Time checked the issue is solved

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