Adventures on Accessing Freeswitch IVR via DID

This saturday morning, I want to take a challenge, to access Freeswitch IVR via DID, as a day past, I just able to access Voxeo IVR via iNUM DID.

I built Kamailio SIP Server and Freeswitch Media server for IVR. By using Freeswitch ESL and Node JS library for ESL, I can code the IVR using Node JS. By using Node JS meant I can leveraging existing Node JS platform to easily glue up various technologies together.

The challenge to getting DID access to Kamailio / Freeswitch SIP Server is the time and money. I had to purchase the DID number, prepare a lot of documents, then forward the calls to SIP address. Had to give up now. But I just realized that I can have a iNUM DID, I am not sure can I get a free iNUM DID myself and do a free SIP call forwarding also. Hopefully, Voxeo IVR (using VXML) is providing free iNUM DID during staging.

In order to achieve the objective to access Freeswitch IVR via DID, I can configure such that an iNUM DID call to Voxeo IVR Server, using VXML to transfer call to a SIP address on Freeswitch IVR.

Realized that I had to make a bridged transfer by setting bridge=”true” for DID access, otherwise, there will be a silent after transfer.

And in order to make a transfer call on Voxeo, I had to open a topic on community support forum, and actually, quite fast, their administrator help me to assign an outbound token privilege for free.

Finally, it worked.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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