PTPTN Solved!!!

I am very happy today because my PTPTN problem solved. When this problem solved, the burden of my family has been reduced, and I can more concentrate on my university works. Today, I started from 2pm to now, reading the Sun Certification the biggest one textbook, I have learnt a lot from there, it is quite useful for me. However, I will thanks Qxinnet, having the emotional support towards me. Thanks all.




PTPTN will be coming End of Next Week

Today I was going to scholarship unit of INTI to ask when I can go CIMB bank to check if the PTPTN money is bank in or not.

Heard from them, the money is actually bank in last week Friday, I’m glad, so I later take taxi go to the CIMB Bank.

Before till the destination, it is the first time the taxi take the other passengers, I saw an old Indian woman and a young Chinese people.

I also thinking and thinking, how to withdraw the money to pay the Finance Office. May be it is the step for me. First I check if the PTPTN is bank in, then I go to Finance Office to ask for how to transfer the money to them. Lastly, then I can extract the money that I already pay January.

Once I till the destination, I go to CIMB ATM machine, began to insert my ATM card, I am very excited how much of the money that PTPTN is bank in.

I clicked on Balance Inquiry. I was shocked. My balance is STILL RM9.02. Why? Why? Why no bank in? Is it problem again? Wrong number account again? I began to think how bad of the efficiency of them, that only can I think, fooled myself.

I go back to the INTI, I will not going to Finance Office but go to Scholarship unit to tell the Miss who in charge of PTPTN that I haven’t received any money from the PTPTN.

When I met her, I also confirm with her that I checked the CIMB with the red CIMB card, and not SSPN card, and consequently, no money.

She talked me after Four or Five come here again, so I take my lunch and go back to my hostel, while the next day is the test, but I have no mood, so I only can sleeping.

About 30 minutes to 4.00pm, I go Scholarship Unit again, now I asked her to help me check with PTPTN department that time. She checked with them, she talked in English but mainly Malay while she actually is a Malay miss.

After a long talk, she talked me, the money is supposed to come out end of the next week, and will come out with two payment. While first payment is failure due to the wrong number of bank account, but I confused with the second payment.

So, now I got it, I can understand what she telling me. Only thing I can do is waiting for the time then I go to check again. Now I ok, if not ok I decided to find MCA people help me to make complain to this.

OK, that’s all for my blog, the next day I need to take part in Business test, I need to study hard and hard and hard.

If not mistaken, Next week can get PTPTN

Apply for PTPTN already used two semester.

First semester the first day I began to apply it. It is supposed to have PTPTN at the second semester. But I faced some problems though I can not get the PTPTN money at the second semester. Later on, I re-submit the document back to PTPTN, this time I approved. I am glad about that. But later on, I check by CIMB bank why PTPTN haven’t come yet. I called to INTI scholarship unit they helped me check that PTPTN had misunderstanding of my CIMB bank account. They said I have one account number wrong.

For the bank account number,  I have submitted a total of 5 pieces go to PTPTN, but they still can getting wrong thing. How to say?

So, the last time, I accompanied with my parents, do the things again. I go to getting a new pieces of bank account supporting document, then go commission to certify it. Later on I submitted to INTI. It is supposed to have PTPTN next week, or supposed this week, because this week will be closed to mid of February.

Hope the PTPTN can come, to solve my home financial problem.

PTPTN Loan Just Apply

I have just apply for PTPTN half years ago.

I have question on PTPTN application.

After I filled in Perjanjian Form from the PTPTN, but I haven’t received any approved from the PTPTN, so I have already try to calling to the PTPTN to ask if approved or not. The reply got from the PTPTN is I can take out the money, she stated the amount (It is true, it is the amount of the school fees stated) of the money. But I haven’t continued to ask her anything else because she seem no saying clearly.

I had some question about that. One week later I need to back to school.

First, during orientation, when I check in, how can I take out the money to pay for the school fee? Should I go to CIMB bank, use the CIMB card or SSPN card to take out the money? Or Directly banking to the INTI account? Or Internet banking is ok?

Hope I can get the money soon, use this money to pay the school fee because my parents will not get the burden on it.

Hope this will going clear soon.