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OK, all right, you can just go to http://u.qxinnet.com register as a member, then go to http://u.qxinnet.com/cp_extra.php to setting your blog account, currently supports Blogspot, Pixnet, WordPress, Friendster , and so on.

However, you are also available to place this QXINNET BLOGGER LIST on your blog as a sidebar gadget.

You can just copy this html code and paste it into your blog.

<script src="http://u.qxinnet.com/qxblog.php" type="text/javascript" charset="gb2312"></script>

For Blogspot user, you can just click the button below and follow the procedure as add this gadget on your Blogspot Blog.


Adding Qxinnet Search in this blog

Just implementing Qxinnet Search (http://search.qxinnet.com) in this blog.

At first, you can choose to access the searching page (web, video, image) at the top right, or using the blog Search.


However, after you search something keyword, you will be redirected to this page, for example.


When you search "Qxinnet" as your keyword, you will find this on page.

You can directly click the link below "Search Results for", for example, web page for Qxinnet, video for Qxinnet, images for Qxinnet.

It is very convenient I think if you want find something more important.

Thanks support.

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PTPTN Loan Just Apply

I have just apply for PTPTN half years ago.

I have question on PTPTN application.

After I filled in Perjanjian Form from the PTPTN, but I haven’t received any approved from the PTPTN, so I have already try to calling to the PTPTN to ask if approved or not. The reply got from the PTPTN is I can take out the money, she stated the amount (It is true, it is the amount of the school fees stated) of the money. But I haven’t continued to ask her anything else because she seem no saying clearly.

I had some question about that. One week later I need to back to school.

First, during orientation, when I check in, how can I take out the money to pay for the school fee? Should I go to CIMB bank, use the CIMB card or SSPN card to take out the money? Or Directly banking to the INTI account? Or Internet banking is ok?

Hope I can get the money soon, use this money to pay the school fee because my parents will not get the burden on it.

Hope this will going clear soon.


刚刚花了半天的时间,大概的把投票程序放上了Facebook,大概的 Application Logic 都已经放上去了。现在只是需要接下来的日子来完善它。对了,我还得要制作一个 Logo 给它呵。

这个程序,能放在 Blog,如 Blogspot;论坛,如 Discuz! 的边栏插件,以及任何一个的网页,现在也能放在 Facebook,如果你喜欢,你也可以 Add to your page。



That is very welcome for you to come to my Facebook Qxinnet Vote Application…

A Facebook App Under Development

I had a Facebook application which is under development yet.

Currently I am going to examine the uses of the API and the stuff of the Facebook application, to develop a nice stuff to my friend.

The application that I will going to make is about the Qxinnet Vote, currently more in Chinese Version.


This is a current layout that I made for this application, as you can see inside the Facebook Canvas, the question and answers stuck with it shown there.

I will try my best to make my application look better, and complete my application as soon as possible. I think this is the better step for me to step out in the Facebook Developer World.

I believe I can. Has a Chinese phrase: "相信就会幸福".

My new Blog Site

Just moved my blogs from the old web site, http://fyhao.wordpress.com

The decision I made for moving blogs to http://fyhao.qxinnet.com is to giving a chance for me to explore more things about WordPress, explore more thing about technical information and method that can learnt from the world. I will placed it in this web site.

And for the language for this blog, I will mainly using English for my mouth word. But may be some times I will using my mother tongue, Chinese, to publish my blog, to share my feeling to my friends.

Currently I have opened a blog web site from blogger, http://fyhao.blogspot.com, I think I will continue to do it because I also need to explore the stuffs from there.

Here, maybe the better place for me to talk my feeling about surroundings.

Perhaps the new year is coming, it will take the good news coming to.


To put bidvertiser advertisements on your website, please come to http://www.bidvertiser.com to apply as a publisher, therefore you can earn your own.

For me, I have registered and I have placed a advertisement on the left panel on this blog, as you can see.

I am very pleased to tell you this advertisements website is very good, it is better than google adsense because it can earn more money. It is true.