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Here is the annoucement, that is a release of my WordPress Learning Blog.

At first, let me introduce myself, I am fyhao, a Malaysian Chinese University Student, study Bsc(Hons) in Computer Science, Coventry University, just Year 1, and I would like to open this blog to learn how to use it.

Previously, I have opened many blogs, in blogspot, xspace, and many more, but for this blog, this is only for a journey to learn the features of the WordPress. And maybe have some times later I will move all my blogs to my web host which using WordPress.

Currently, I have many blogs, one in xspace there, is on my web host, it is in chinese language, is to share my feelings with my online friends, even in my forum. It is or a newer . And I also got a technical blog but also in chinese,, it will show some technical information and also what I learned in school. And last I have also a feeling blogs to attract the other community, it is, oh, it is also in Chinese. Although it has 1 % I wrote in English, but the most readers are Chinese. So, actually, I have thought before I need to open a English blog, 100 % English, through this blogs to communiciate, to make friends with Western Country. Hope through this blog I can achieve it.

Hopefully, this blog can let me find a good friend.

Let me introduce more about myself. I have more interested in computer programming instead of computer graphics. I know a little bit .NET but intermediate knowledge in PHP and MYSQL, and little bit knowledge in XHTML + CSS, I like to design a web page, but currently it is  simple web page, not very beautiful. And this web link is my home page,, it is also in Chinese… And I have use Discuz!, a China forum software to open forum, and very interested in Discuz!, and also famous in Discuz! technical stuff. And now I also will support Discuz! to open to international, to translate chinese into English, because I learnt from my friends, that there is little Western people, like North America, they also heard about Discuz!. Yes, I use this to open forums, and its programming script let me to learn the PHP and Mysql together. I use that from version 2.5, now in version 6.1, and also 7.0 will come out. Hehe, 7.0 come out with a SNS-liked styles. Not only Discuz! in PHP, but also in .NET. The .NET version of Discuz!, Discuz NT, it is the only one web application to be shown in the Microsoft Tech-ed Forum last year. I am happy to hear that. It is the first to implement the silverlight techniques, and it is well done.

OK, in my real world, I have little bit friends, and most friends are known at first on Internet. And now I have no girdfriends, hehe. Hard to find girlfriends, because of me, shhh……

OK, allright, I will continue to write this blogs, to share my feeling to you all, and also write some things that I have learned about the WordPress at here.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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