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Before I had invented a Chinese Version of Vote system, today I made a English Version of Poll System. I used Poll as English Version’s term and I found that no big difference between Vote and Poll…

In this English Version, I have updated some functions.

The options can choose is changed to minimum 2 and maximum 8, and the previous version is fixed into 4 options. It is meant that we can make question with number of answers whatever you liked.

The questions can be divided into different categories. In default, the General category is placing some general question. I will create as many as I can of the category. First of all, I had created a Computer category.

At first, I created a few of questions which concerning about computer.

And now try to install on my blog and also my good friends had supported me too.

The interface of the Poll system has no big change while functions changed a lot.

Additionally, I provide the Poll code generation tool along with it to let user easily customize their polling which placed in their blogs or web site.

For people  who want to get the Poll code can come to this link: http://web.qxinnet.com/script/poll/getcode.php

It is also opened to user to suggest their own question. http://web.qxinnet.com/script/poll/suggest.php

image image

When user click the button options, it will open a window that shows the polling chart.


As anyone can see, at the top it show the polling chart, and also state the author of the poll. At the below has some external texts and links. Currently, I had placed the show up web site, which to show the web site link that had already installed this poll application in their blogs or web site.


The figure above shows the poll question submission page. Anyone who you are you can suggest your own designed question. You can design your own subject or topic of question, you can fill in your own answer or option with minimum 2 options and maximum 8 options. You can add a row below of each answer or delete the specified row. You can also adjust the order of the answer by simply clicking the up and down link of each answer row. Later on, you can select a category which suitable for your question. If you found that your poll question is being completed, you can click Submit to submit your question.

Last, you need to wait for 24 hours or less to let our administrator to review your question. Any type of question we will accept except some ugly question with ugly text.

For the next development of this poll application, I would like to implement the NEXT Question which using the cross-domain AJAX scripting to do it. It is to let the user easily change the question which not refresh the page to load the new question. And thanks to A!vis giving this suggestions.

Next, I will try upgrade the Chinese Version to this new structure.

Later on, I will try making some Discuz! forum plugin and maybe Vista Sidebar Gadget. Yes, I will not forget to implement poll system of English Version on Facebook.

Some preview to you…

Let’s see some preview before you leave.

http://fyhao.qxinnet.com (yes, this blog, see the right side)

http://alvis0510.blogspot.com/ (my friend’s blog, see the right side also)

You can just select an option and click it to view the results.

I think you will see it wonderful.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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