Assignment Distributed on today

OOPS, just go to Inti Online and download the assignments uploaded by lecturers.

Today, I just begin for my HCI assignment 1, to prepare it as soon as possible. It is required us to make E-resume, so some certificates I can taken from my home during Chinese New Year.

And also I saw the business Assignment 1 and Group Project uploaded. First one is about giving suggestion to Japanese Film to open business in which countries, second one is about our preferred business, to discuss the environment and the type of business (such as partnership, private limited or public limited) we going to run.

Lastly, this evening after class, I need to prepare the questionnaire and print it out on Friday, so I can distributed it during Chinese New Year. Because I think there is no photocopy shop open during holiday.

I need to take lunch now because 2p.m. got class, User Centered Design.

Author: fyhao

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