First Business Class

Today, I went through the first business class, which taught by Alex Leong.

First of all, he introduced his personality and rights again, for the new comer.

Today, we went through the Chapter 1 that is a Business And Its Environment

When talking about the definition of business, he first asked us what we understand about business. And later got some jokes happened. At first when he asked me I couldn’t get a clear answer while I have done the assignment of e-commerce last two semester. I giving an answer that buying and selling of service…

So, by the notes, the real definition of business, it combines input of raw materials and skills to gain benefit.

And then we went through the three major economic activity. There are finance, production, and marketing. I always giving answer of Internet-related, like web hosting service, social networking service, and etc. He talked us that 2009 is a bad year because we will see it at the next six month. Many big business and organization already fired thousands of workers, some nearly bankrupt and seek for help from government. Even the Malaysia’s Shit Business, Proton, also nearly bankrupt but haven’t take any actions. What I thought that is web hosting service I don’t know what will happen of it while I am doing this now. But I think this is the best time for rising of social networking service, for example Facebook. With the open API provided by Facebook, many of the developers or organizations already gain benefit from that. Social Networking Service, or SNS, it is the new place for businesses to find profit. It performs new way or new type of business, different interaction than before, so I think the next term we would make investing on the SNS.

After that, we talked about the business objectives, what means of stakeholders. For example in INTI, the lecturer, students, parents, DELL or DHL there are stakeholders of INTI. We also learnt that the profit is the main consideration for a business while there are also have non-profit organization, for example, general hospital, zoo, and museum. We touched the survival and growth of a business and also talked about the private owner and employees. if me, I will choose private owner more than employees. Because I don’t like controlled by other people and always do the same action. I like the creative works. But maybe I will choose employees because of living environment.

Next, we talked about the business environment, which divided into micro and macro environment two parts. Micro environment has the speciality of specific, internal, controllable, and it is direct environment. While Macro environment has the speciality of general, external, uncontrollable, and it is indirect environment.

After that, he taught us the english pronouns, what is the difference of english in New Zealand and ours.

Later, he taught us how to remember the elements of the micro environment. First, we have a suppliers, it sell raw materials for the company and its competitors. Then it will through the marketing intermediaries, such as supermarket, INTI Mart, 7-11 to sell the products. And later the customers buy the goods from there. And also outside got the publics.

And that is all of teaching today.

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