First day of Week 3

Today is the first day of Week 3.

I am very tired and think sleeping because one of the reason is our class started from 8.00 a.m., and also yesterday just went to Mid Valley with my partners, or my friends… Yesterday story is very … stand along the way, no place to sit. I am very sleepy now and need to take a sleep because the next day also started from 8.00 a.m.

Now only MSN with my friends to talk to him, and laughing hah…

Tomorrow 12 p.m. need to move on to lab, to do the research in the lab facilities, and send the latest research documents to my group leader, my project group leader in subject of User Centre Design. And also afternoon may be take a nap and take my lunch, I need to prepare my User Centre Design assignment, to design a gift box, I have chosen doing Chinese New Year gift box from the selection between this and Valentine Day. I chose this CNY Gift box is because I can getting more choices, more practical box can see, and I can sending my questionnaire to my relatives during Chinese New Year. I need to prepare well and print it well at least 10 pages within this week and need to distribute it out the next week. And I think most of the time I need to do translation between English to Chinese to explain what the meaning inside of my questionnaire. The objective of doing this questionnaire is to gather the opinion, the research groups into consideration of my gift box.

This week may be the important week for me to prepare the assignment for doing that during the next week, and it is the important week also for lecturer to prepare more assignment and teaching topic in order to catch up the syllabus because there is one week become Chinese New Year Holiday… So this week I need to very be careful, give more attention about it.

For the HCI assignment, the assignment required us to make an E-resume, it using only the simple HTML code, not using any Javascript and CSS, it is to do some E-resume for future employees. But I think I will do it when I boring during the Chinese New Year Holiday because I still got a lot of time to do it.

For the Moral group assignment, I hated about it for why my group members always talked with me about the reason that they are so busy this time. But I think we will busy later day, so as a group leader, I can’t afford any more, I already tell them we must discuss during tomorrow Moral class, and we go back to find data and information, and submit after Chinese New Year. I think everything we must do it soon, so we can have more time to leisure… Not this time leisure… It will die later on. I have experienced in my first semester while I also same group with them. I really couldn’t afford, we rush for our projects even presentation and slept at 4.00 a.m., and we got presentation class at 8.00 a.m.

I don’t like reason, I need something Professional.

For my company, we now take the case of syen, to doing a business website, and I think I already broken the market price to very low… ha ha… so for the price I can not make it lower… I hope we can get more money from him before Chinese New Year, because we need money flow in our company this month in order to survive. And also we will take another case from one lady who open ecshop to sell the woman’s stuffs. She has some special requirements while I am not very understand what she need, but I think I can ask more deeply understanding about that, and if is understandable, nothing can not success for me, but only the time and money… haha. Also Centior that no any responses from him, I hope not to give up for that. And also the domain control panel need to get from the ICORE, but somehow I seen no any response from there. But I think after write this blog, I need to go to Hotmail to check the return e-mail of the information of the DCP of Centior Website.

For my chinese forum, I already decided to use the simple style for my forum, one of the reason is it can loading faster than ever, and also we can do more thing about it easily. So now Chinese New Year are coming, I need to do something Chinese New Year style for it. CHECK IT OUT TOMORROW.

And I think, I wrote these blogs which categorized in Study, is to train myself in English, and also record down what the lecturer taught, for doing revision later day. I think I now getting some benefit when the lecturer of HCI asked us about some topic about User Centre Design, I can remember it soon, because I had written it before. Also, recording words also need to remember it, not to forget. We come INTI is to learn, and we don’t like to let money back to big sea.

I will continue to contribute for this blog, as a new domain for it, I am very happy and excited for getting this domain, with simpler, suit my web name.

It is simpler, which suit my web name, it is all about mine!

So, we see next day. I need go sleep lo!!!

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