HCI Assignment 2 and Business Assignment

Now my world is full of assignments. I currently still having HCI Assignment 2 and Business Assignment 1 that to be survived.

Yesterday, I still working on HCI Assignment 2, I try to draw the storyboard myself in Flash. I find some pictures online, referenced from there, put into the Flash, but use the line and pen to draw the exactly cute picture based on this. It costs me 4 hours to draw the completed 3 screens. There are total of 9 screens for stories, and 1 screen for main page. I am supposed to draw a story board for a web based system for kids. My desired topic is Introduction to Occupation, and I decided to introduce nine different occupation for the kid. In my web based system, I would use attractive cute pictures, attractive and interesting animations, such as stories around the occupation, and also some texts below the animation. I will not use long text because the kid very not like it. They prefer colorful pictures and animation. In this system, also got a sound button, the kid can click the sound button to play the voice, which saying the text to the kid. However, I am not supposed to create a real system but only drawing story board only. But if it is required to create one, I think that should not be a problem for me, because I have such experience to create that before.

Today, I will more concentrated on Business Assignment. For me, I thought that is tough and hard for me to complete this assignment. First, my essay structure I could not be able to design well, and also I could not have many points to write. Fortunately my partner is very very very good in these, he gave me some business books when last ehosting gathering. However it will not help throughout the assignment, but it will also the big help for me. Somehow I have some problems I will ask him, but currently I seldom to ask him because he is now very busy in ehosting stuff. I could not help him because I currently stuck in many assignments and projects, and the most important thing is Sun Certification Exam. Now, I think I can complete tonight for the assignment, which began to do it last last last weeks, a long time ago. I will try to re-design the structure, to make it well. I will try my best to make the assignment better. It is because, this is my job, throughout the learning curves.

Hence, it is better for me to go for bath and lunch, and later I need to go for revision for Sun Certification Exam, and also 4pm to 6pm I got the Sun Certification Training. Bye for my friends, and I will continue to update my blog to let you know where I am, how I am.

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