Dreamweaver Second Lesson

I have going through the Dreamweaver second lesson today.

Today, Miss Liew taught us the Form concept in Dreamweaver. Later she taught us how to use CSS to control the layout of the form elements.

Later on, we are taught to insert several type of media elements, including sound, SWF, FLV, and movie file inside the web page. There are different ways of inserting each type of media elements into the web page.

Now I have uploaded my learning of the lab.

First is about the form lesson. http://fyhao.com/hci/dwlab2/index.html

Second is about the media element lesson: http://fyhao.com/hci/dwlab2/media.html (It took me about long time to upload, it is about 15mb, during the very very very fast Internet speed provided by EBB)

Please going to the link to review, if you all got any doubt need ask me, I can help you to solve your problem here. Please do not hesitate to tell me your problem when you have encountered.

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