Web 3.0 Guess: Natural Language Processing

Now the web trend we arrived at Web 2.0. This the version of Web is the common sense we know that how our web looks like.

Web 1.0: The web is driven by data and information provided by webmaster. This is simplex transmission (one-way).

Web 2.0: The web is driven by data and information provided by both webmaster and users, as well as their interaction and communication. This is the full duplex transmission (two-way).

No longer than one decade, as many as peoples started talking about Web 3.0, how the Web 3.0 looks like.

Web 3.0 will have emerging technologies to drive it. User centralization is one of the concept. Despite of Web 2.0 that is the data-driven world, Web 3.0 will be user-driven world. Every web user will have unique identity that can acknowledges themselves to the other. Everything become easier, everything become possible.

From the user perspective: the user should be able to utilize whatever service to accomplish their tasks even need not know where the services and how the services provided the solutions. The user should be able to search something that is driven by broken piece memory, they even need not know what truly the name of the object as well as the visible characteristic of the object. The user should be able to get the direct suggestion or the guidance from the web but not getting the series of BLUE link with BLACK description word anymore.

From the web perspective: the web may become intelligent, they can learning like the human, they know things based on the experience. They can store these knowledge and talk to the human, provide knowledge to the human, accomplish the user tasks. They can have automation mechanism to drive on the technology but not have the user driver at the back. They make our world become easier and delight. They may act like an expert to provide expertise suggestion or guidance to the user to guide them to find the one they want.

When the web become clever, he can interpret the user’s languages, and interpret what the user really want, and finding the solution to the user, to help the user accomplish their tasks. Thus, there is an AI area to investigate this problem, we called natural language processing. Natural language processing will be the important concept we need to investigate, to find the regular pattern how the natural languages can be changed, how the normal user’s brain to interpret the natural language, and become their knowledge.

We can think like a baby who just born to the world, he really do not know what the world is, what the language is. But all of us we are evolving from baby, from everything we don’t know become know everything. The process we gather first information by the language talked by our mother and father, one word by one word, how our brain store the word in the smaller piece neuron? How we getting out the word stored in our brain to form the meaningful sentences when we tried to interpret the other information, to find the relevant and similar information, tried to understand it and make the respond? Actually, how we form our sentences of the structure? As we become experienced, everything we think that is easier. But how at one times we have faced accident and lost some memory? Yes, the cache of the experience is missing, we have failed to interpret something we supposed to know but now we don’t know, or not remember that such thing. Lastly, the problem how to investigate the natural language processing is already started by the computer scientist. Think about it. And, say, how the application of natural language processing is important to Web 3.0?

When the web can interpret our natural languages, everything really become easier. Before that many friends asked me how to install the specified Discuz! plugins (Discuz! is the forum script developed by China company). I will ask them to goggled the tutorial, but, they in turn asked me how to write the keyword. I think this is annoying stuff for now. But if we can just typing a sentence, what we really don’t know, then in turn we write the natural sentence what we really don’t know to the textbox of the search engine, and then the search engine return the specified suggestion to us, but not the long list of the links that we supposed to annoy again. For example, he or she can write this, “I want to know how to install Discuz! Bank Plugins”.

And we know about the expert system, that act likes getting human expertise to store in the knowledge base and in turn solve the human problems. But we know expert system only can specified to one narrow domain. From my view, of the evolution of the investigation of Web 3.0 had started, how to form the semantic web to categorize the information and the knowledge around the web, in turn to help in natural language processing and interpretation. I think someone can be one stop intelligent search engine, that act likes general expert system. And that expert system can consult knowledge from the other narrower expert system to find really the user want. As well as based on this logic, no one can rule the world but cooperation to deliver something that is good for the people in the coming days.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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  1. I’m trying to get some info on web 3.0 too and will keep u updated as soon as I get one. for now, I’m still thinking on my final year project – which way forward? which one to choose? I hope I’ll make a good decision about it soonest.

    Stay informed in IT



  2. Heard from China Baidu Box Computing (百度框计算) will implement such kind of function, Baidu announce this box computing is to fight with the Google Cloud Computing, Baidu said that this computing is more required by the internet people nowadays.

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