fyhao.com upgraded to WordPress 2.8.6

刚把 fyhao.com 升级至最新版 WordPress 2.8.6,并选择自动更新选项。即使是安装插件都能采用自动化,真的是非常的方便。如果 Discuz! 也能这样的话,也就很好了。Discuz! 论坛的新核心插件系统是一个进展,若也能做到自动更新不用用到FTP软件的,但只需输入FTP资料系统就会自动下载,解压,安装,这样就省了很多很多时间了。

Just upgraded fyhao.com into latest version of WordPress 2.8.6, and select the auto upgrade option. Feel that it is very nice to use the auto upgrade option because it reduce the time to access the FTP software and waiting to connect the FTP server. It just requires user entering the FTP information, and it will automatically download the upgraded files and unzip it, then installed selfly…

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