7 May 2011 Diary

Today, I back Singapore from Malaysia early in order to participate my colleague baby shower. Nice there. First time been there. I am using iPhone Google Map help me to reach there. Saw the baby, he is cute. The people was singing there as well.

Once went back to my Singapore room, I feel very boring. Normally at this time, I resided in Malaysia, because weekend.

I have visited Second Life today, and meet new friends. The new place I visited is Cypris Village III (click when you are running Second Life, it will directly teleport you to the place) where this is a place for people to learn, talk, discuss English, and it is free.

Some snapshots taken below.



I had also spent around 1 hour to play Skippo card game with 2 other friends just in Second Life. It is new experience to play this new game haven’t played before and I am always do wrong steps because newbie. Hopefully the host of the game always help and guide us. Fortunately, I won the game.



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