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During lunch hour last last last weeks, my colleagues helped me to think one “English nickname”. He said in Singapore no “English nickname” cannot live. After a few tries, they came out “Kenny Khor”, can be pronounced as “KK”. Oh my god

Officially, I am still not accept having a “English nickname” instead of using my full name (Khor Yong Hao). Maybe, I don’t want to be westernized.

But, I accepted “Kenny Khor” as my one of the alternative temporary “nickname” (until I choose which one I truly like), during lunch hour, OR during office hour, in informal duration.

But officially, I treat “fyhao” as my “Internet nickname”, “fyhao Khor” is one of the accepted address. Not only Internet friend called me “fyhao”, even with someone who suddenly just come over me and asked me “Are you fyhao?” in my university last time… “fyhao” had existed 6 years. “fyhao” can be used in private or public or business, and may listed on my professional name card in the future.

Many people having problems to pronoun “fyhao”. Some pronouned as “fi hao”, or “fai hao”… But the correct way of pronunciation is very simple: “F-Y-Hao”… And normally, when I write “fyhao” in article or paragraph, I will try my best to put it as lowercase instead of uppercase. Like, it should be “fyhao Khor”, but not “Fyhao Khor”. Because of the reason, modest…

“fyhao” is not going to be a brand, or a company, but an personal identity I hold. “” is my official Internet spoken medium, as my personal front page, everything my personal thoughts, stuff, and my sharing, but will not be going to become an organization under this name.

So now, in conclusion, don’t forget, my alternative name is “Kenny Khor” as well.

(fyhao, I believe, I can)

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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