Notes on Hello World Phonegap on Develop iPhone Apps

Notes on Hello World Phonegap on Develop iPhone Apps.

Phonegap is a mobile apps framework that can deliver cross-platform mobile apps (deployed on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry… ), utilizing web technologies (HTML5 + CSS3 + JS) we know, without knowing Objective-C (iPhone+iPad) or Java (Android). Phonegap actually runs your apps wrapped as an inner browser inside native apps. However, Phonegap provides JS-bridge to native phone features, such like Contacts, GPS, Accelerometer that you can simply call them using Javascript. The downside is that Phonegap framework has no built-in native look-and-feel widgets, but you can use Jquery Mobile framework along to create impressive mobile apps though.

Phonegap is also built-in supported by Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.5, along with Jquery mobile supported, developers can easily develop and test iPhone native mobile apps right inside Dreamweaver. Apple had also announced to approve or accept apps developed by Phonegap to be available on Apps Store, that is a happy news to developers.

Before do Phonegap for iPhone, needs a Mac and had Xcode installed. And you need have access to Apple Developer Program, had Provisioning Profile configured. Then you can create a Phonegap project template from Xcode IDE. Along the process to get Phonegap runs on Xcode and an apps deployed to iPhone taken me half days to make it, here are some links or notes for future reference.

I found this post is very useful which give details and full steps to get signed certificates stuffs configured through Apple Developer Program and Xcode.

Sometimes, the error “putpkt write failed broken pipe” will randomly appeared.

Steps get phonegap runs on Xcode

Be careful on the first link to get everything ready before go to third link.


Besides Phonegap, Appcelerator Titanium is another option.

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