Played Titanium mobile framework

Just played and hello world to Titanium, another mobile apps framework like Phonegap, has the ability to develop iOS and Android apps using Javascript without learning native language Objective-C and Java.

Titanium has over 300 APIs, it bridged more and more native features than Phonegap. Titanium had bridged in native UI widgets and features into its own Titanium framework, while Phonegap only support HTML5 + CSS3 Web View Interface. In this case, Titanium provides API to build UI widget, such as Text Field, Table View, Button, using same and neutral Javascript API, the developers need not to bother the look-and-feel of widgets while Titanium take care of it. It is automatically rendered as iPhone-styled widgets while apps runs on iPhone or rendered as Android-styled widgets while apps runs on Android. Besides native hardware feature support such as Accelerometer, Compass, Camera, supported by both, Titanium has many other built-in API, such as it is able to initiate HTTP Client, or using TCP/IP Socket Stream, File System or Local Database Access and other useful utilities.

Titanium Javascript is compiled into application binaries and it can be run on the speed nearly to native apps. Again, Titanium Javascript is cross-platform over the non cross-platform Objective C and Java.

It has a standalone Eclipse-based IDE, which provides complete and useful hints when you code Titanium, and it is all free and open source. It has built in iPhone and Android simulator to test your apps. But when you need to debug on real iPhone, what I do is open the generated project setup in Xcode, and build there, and the whole process is damn smooth.


I’m lovin it.


Author: fyhao

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