iPlacePlus Helps you Check in from Second Life

Nowadays people love to check in from their First Life, posting to Foursquare, a very popular Location-based Site, sharing their current location to their friends. Some people may like it, may want to go there, may been there before.

Second Life is a 3D social game, brought in First Life experience into the virtual world, there are many interesting places waiting for us to explore.

A new service, iPlacePlus.com, is another LBS helps you to check in from Second Life. Wherever you go in Second Life, you can use iPlace Tool (a scripted box inside Second Life) to check in, and your current location will be posted to iPlacePlus to be shared to public. There is a Second Life map will be shown in the web page, the other users can see the map, click the “Teleport” button and in case they had opened their Second Life Client program, they are able to be teleported to the location you had been to.

iPlacePlus is currently in alpha release, and I just created for fun, and I will use it for myself or shared to little friends in Second Life. It will have sign up feature for new member, but currently is closed. When you first time using iPlace Tool in Second Life, the tool will help you sign up directly with iPlacePlus as well.

Sharing your iPlacePlus map to your friends is very easy. It will provides various embedding methods in the website. It will supports Facebook Sharing in the future.

The first place in Second Life I would like to share with you is a Second Life English school, a very interesting school with friendly teachers and students from around the world. I joined there almost one year. Really good.

Click this link http://iplaceplus.com/view.php?placeid=1 you will be able to see the Second Life Map of the English school.

Alternatively, I shared the English school to some Discuz! based forum as well, click here http://bbs.qxinnet.com/thread-42272-1-1.html for Chinese, or click here http://warung.my/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1140&extra= for English.

Watch this video if you want to know a little about how to use iPlace Tool inside Second Life. The video is outdated already. The main feature is very similar and there are additional features built-in. I will show out when it is ready.

AD TIME: If you really really interested to this Second Life English class, you can visit their website directly -> http://drive-through-esl.info/.

As you see, the iPlacePlus.com website design is very sucks. Forgive me I have no design and color concepts in my brain, current design is simple. If you are web designer, and you passionate to Second Life like me, and you are very helpful and wants help to contribute design to this website, contact me. If you have comments, you have plan, you have idea, contact me as well. I created this site for fun, and it will be a free community website when it released to public.

I will reserve first ten user accounts to my close friends, even they may not using this service. My lovely angels will be the first, because I super love her.


In short, I had introduced a new service, iPlacePlus.com, that helps you check in from Second Life. You can explore beautiful places in Second Life, share to your friends by checking in your current location to the website, or shared to Facebook.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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