Walkmeter a great apps I found

I found a great apps called Walkmeter. I googled, search, and compare each other and finally decided to download Walkmeter and have a try. Basically I want an apps can do simple Pedometer, simple walk steps record, and the most importantly, allow me to export the data, I want have the ownership of data. So Walkmeter worked great. It is actually records up to 120 types of stats and all stored in devices. But support configure automatic / manual update of data (manual export to CSV/ KML?) or automatic email update / social site update.

I start doing experiment. I configured Walkmeter to send email update when I start the workout, stop the workout and done the workout. Thinking now, if to set one for taking my protein cocktail too (and this is where to get discounts on your supplements, by the way). The email content contains varieties of data such as Walk Time, Stop Time, Distance, Average, Calories, and more… I configure an email address on my personal mail server and have Walkmeter forward email to when I doing the workout. And written a simple script to parse the incoming email to extract the data and save it into a raw file for future analytic purpose. By the way Walkmeter apps existing graph and analytic features worked quite great but I still hope I can own the data.

As I am indoor person, to use this apps, it actually encouraging me to go outdoor in order to test the apps. Just for start, I just scheduled a simple walk around my live area, including my lunch time walk, on this Sunday Weekends. After the walkout, came back, then check the statistics. Quite a good workflow of this apps.

I am still exploring the apps and will share it here if I found any more interesting thing.

More link: http://www.abvio.org/cycling-guide/

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