Mashape Air Quality Index API

Glad to announce that, by extending Mashape Weather API, adding new endpoint, for Air Quality Index service.

Check it out the announcement.

We are introducing Air Quality Index to our API with endpoint /aqi

By passing latitude and longitude of your place, we are automatically request your country’s Air Quality Index information and return back to you.

We are still building our services so some of the places still not supported. You will see the response “Not Supported” if it is not supported in your place. We are working on it to make it support for more places.

Currently supported place including Singapore, Malaysia, Europe Countries, Australia at the time of writing.

If you would like your place to be supported, drop us under API support, remember telling us where location you are, or just copy the API response to us as there will be indicating your place code and country which we can use to troubleshoot our service.

To check it out existing Mashape Weather blog page? Here you go: Mashape Weather API

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