The Imitation Game: Alan Turing

The Imitation Game: Alan Turing

Today I watched this movie in GV Suntec City, The Imitation Game. The real story about Alan Turing, who known as the pioneer or creator of computer science, how we invented a machine that beats another machine – Enigma, A German Machine that can encode important military message.

Can’t control my tears when watched until the last part of the movie.

No many people know who is him, why he is so important. Without his works, there is no new mathematical fields exist – Computer Science. Without him, we don’t have Computer, Mac, iPhone, or maybe only exist 100 years later. Without him, the world war II may take longer to end, ten million more people be killed.

This is my first time, the hello world to book a movie ticket, through online, watched a movie in cinema. In my previous life, I only went to cinema once, when I am young, brought by my uncle. Then I joined two times with company events. Today, the fourth, but the first, happened. And this is the first time I walked through inner building from City Hall MRT how to find where the tower 4 level 3 is.

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